Ignition Parts

Caps for North East Distributor:
    6 volt 4 cyl. Distributor Cap view $87.00
    12 volt 4cyl. Distributor Cap view $75.00
    Standard 6, Victory 6, DA Six view $80.00
Rotors for North East Distributor:
    6 volt 4cyl. view $60.00
    12 volt 4 cyl. view $60.00
        Rotor Brush with Spring 12v, 4cyl (price each) view $15.00
    Standard 6, Victory 6, DA Six view $60.00
Distributor Gear 4cyl. (6volt &12 volt) view $36.50
Distributor 12 volt Insulator and Bushing (price per set) view $15.00
Distributor Retaining Screw 12volt view $7.00
Distributor Shaft-Horizontal 4 cyl 12 volt view $30.00
Distributor Shaft-Vertical 4 cyl. 12volt view $21.00
North East Model O Distributor (Points cam nut) view $7.00
Spark Plugs, New, long reach 4cyl (price each) view $13.00
Spark Plugs, New, long reach 6cyl (price each) view $13.00
Spark Plug knurled thumb nut (price each) view $0.90
Spark Plug Wire Kit (Kit Includes - Wire, Forked Terminals, Cap & Coil Terminals)
    4cyl 6volt view $21.50
    4cyl 12volt view $18.00
    6cyl. view $30.50
Distributor Rubber Boots (price each) view $1.00
Coil Rubber Boots (price each) view $1.00
Spark Plug Wire Holder attaches to Exhaust Manifold, clamps wires apart and away from heat. 4 cyl. view $30.00
Condenser, 4 cyl. 12V (modern replacement- no modifications required) view $20.00
Condenser,4 cyl. 6V (modern replacement - no modifications required) view $20.00
Condenser, 6 cyl. Modern view $20.00
Used Clum Ignition Switch, [some styles] Inquire for pricing
Clum Keys (Have a few of some numbers) view $30.00
Coil 12V - Modern. view $48.50
N/E Coil High Tension Contact Spring 4 cyl view $4.50
Used red bake-lite parts used on 12V coils, good, top or side parts (inquire for price)
Coil Holder 6cyl (for modern coil under dash) view $205.00
Key to Coil Holder 6cyl view $120.00
Advance Clamp 4cyl. Fast 4 (Billet Aluminum) view $52.00
Advance Clamp 4cyl. 6volt (Billet Aluminum) view $52.00
North East Distributor Housing for type TBU view $520.00
North East Distributor Base for type TU view $520.00
Advance Springs -Model TBU [ set of 2] view $11.00
Point Plate with modern points for North East Distributor:
    For type TBU Distributor-6cyl view $155.00
    For type O Distributor model 10004-4cyl 12volt view $135.00
North East Distributor Top with modern points: For type TU Distributor Fast 4, 4cyl 6volt view $275.00
North East Electric Identification Plate for 4 cyl. (Starter, Distributor, Generator and Horn) #NE 1 view $9.00
North East Ident. Plate correct for 6 volt starters, generators and Model TU dist., maybe more. #NE 2 view $9.00

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